Coaching Genie Customer Reviews and Case Studies

How Coaches Use This Simple and Innovative Platform to Streamline Their Business 

Customer Reviews – Part 1

(what makes it different from other platforms) 

Customer Reviews – Part 2

(with screen sharing) 

“I am a one-woman show, I don’t have a big team, and Coaching Genie helps me look very professional.”

Also, I create and innovate my content all the time, and it makes me feel like I am ready to launch any program I want. If you’re a blend of a coach, teacher, and creator, Coaching Genie is the best platform for you.

Meredith Vaish


“I can tell this platform was designed by a woman, it’s so intuitive and simple!”

I love having an online portal for my clients. It gives them a sense of safety, security, and privacy. They know they have resources and community, so they feel seen, heard, and valued. I also love how intuitive and easy to use Coaching Genie is.

Tonya Melendez


“I am a solopreneur and needed to take as much of the administrative stuff off my plate as possible.”

As I started doing group programs, I found myself spending a lot of time emailing my clients (documents, replays, reminders, etc) and it was a lot of extra work for me.

Coaching Genie made my life so much easier, because once you plug in the details of your program, it automatically sends everything out.

It also allows my clients to share documents and collaborate with each other, which is not available in other coaching platforms.

Your team is available on the spot, you take our feedback and add improvements to the software, and the customer service is phenomenal.

Jill Windelspecht

Talent Specialist Consulting

“You can scale so much faster with Coaching Genie because everything is in one place.”

I love the journals, I love the weekly check-ins, and I love the questions I can ask my clients. You can scale so much faster with Coaching Genie because everything is in one place.

Eileen Franco


“Coaching Genie is very user-friendly and straightforward – for me and my clients.”

My favorite feature is the ability to post the replays of the coaching sessions. I don’t have a virtual assistant, it’s just me and tech is not my strong point. But Coaching Genie is very user-friendly and straightforward – for me and my clients. The support is great and I always get my questions answered.

Jenny Serata

Renew Your Mind

“Coaching Genie gave me a totally seamless dashboard to manage my programs.”

I was looking for a streamlined system, where I could input my content and artwork, and share it with clients, and Coaching Genie gave me a totally seamless dashboard to manage my programs.

Gail Kerzner


“Now that I am using Coaching Genie, I can’t even explain why I have struggled to get started with other software for a long time.”

The fact that absolutely everything, including emails and links to webinars, is in one place is really amazing. I love that everyone can read and comment on each other’s work, and support each other in between weekly coaching calls. Once I signed up, I was immediately inspired to put my first program together and I know exactly what I’ll be teaching on the calls!

My confidence has skyrocketed since I’ve been playing around, getting to know the software.

Belle Pitman

Life Coach

“Being so easy to use is one of the big pros that attracted me to Coaching Genie. Most platforms are not as easy to use as they say.”

When considering group coaching, I compared what was out there. For me, I’m busy and it needs to be easy. It truly allowed me to step into the group coaching space because it was so easy to roll out my program!

It’s your one-stop-shop for your content, creating a sense of community, and for me to have insight into where they are at in their program. And the clients need just ONE link to access everything in the program.

Christine Grauer

Certified Spiritual Coach

“Working with Coaching Genie helped me tie together several loose ends that had been stalling the launch of my group program.”

Having a streamlined platform where I could schedule coaching calls, have built-in email reminders, track my clients’ activity, and collect homework saved me a lot of time, while also making the user experience better for my clients.

I highly recommend the software! Milana and her team are wonderful to work with and are prompt in their responses as well.

Celia Faye Meisel

Sales Trainer & Business Strategist

“I love using Coaching Genie because the flexibility to individualize program content is so important.”

I have used several other platforms and Coaching Genie is so much easier to use. Being able to repurpose content in multiple programs is fantastic! I used to resist the idea of creating a “program” because every client is different, but now that I can customize it inside the group, it feels like I can take great care of each client.

There are new layers to the platform being added all the time. Many companies put their resources toward marketing their platforms, but Coaching Genie focuses on making it a better product for its customers!

Anita Belitz Krasniqi

Career Evolution Coach

“The reason I love Coaching Genie so much is how easy it is to create different courses reusing the same modules.”

I can do so many customized things for my clients with Coaching Genie. I can pick and choose for my clients, based on their needs, exactly what is important to them. I can really individualize my courses without doubling or tripling my work. It has simplified my life tremendously. I can pre-schedule all my live calls. Once I set it all up, I just show up and coach.

And I love that new features show up based on what the users are asking for!

Doreen Steenland

Living Full Life Coaching, ICF certified Coach

“I love this coaching platform and how easy it is to set up.”

The best part of this system for me is that it truly solved my ‘How do I get them to do the homework?’ problem. Thanks for getting it out here when I need it!

Jane Gardner

Artist, Entrepreneur and Trainer

“I love how easy it is to use! It’s fantastic that you can simply clone modules.”

That saves loads of time and provides consistency for both branding and user experience. The look is clean, professional, and clear. I even show it to potential clients during sales conversations to build trust. Best of all, almost 40% of clients re-enrolled into my next program!

Eliana Gilad

Voices of Eden

“I am so proud to use this platform. Coaching Genie helps me provide a professional environment for my clients to learn.”

This simplifies everything. I can schedule the email reminders and modules to be delivered whenever I want. I’ve been struggling with everything I needed to do when new clients signed up in the past.

Now all the welcome information is immediately delivered and I don’t have to do anything. My clients love this platform, they use most of the features offered. Coaching Genie makes it so easy to be a professional coach.

Cristie Sandoval

Financial Coach

“As I considered using Coaching Genie, I felt that Milana with her decades of experience in the coaching field really knew what we needed out of an online platform for coaches.”

I could see that Coaching Genie provided what we needed most. One of the things I liked best about this platform is the responsiveness. Milana’s team can visualize what coaches need and then respond to that need. I love the support! I love the platform!

Jeanne Lyons

Career Transition Coach

“I serve my clients through smaller, more intimate group programs. Coaching Genie gives that intimate feel.”

I can have many smaller groups that I can run on their own schedule, and this platform makes it so easy. That is really important to me. The best part for me is the ability to schedule the content release and live coaching calls in advance. I’m so busy and scheduling everything this way means I don’t have to think about it. Coaching Genie also makes it easy for you to change your program as it evolves over time. Thanks for Coaching Genie!

Kate Kunkel

Brain Health Mentor

“I wanted to work closely with my clients and Coaching Genie allows me to be as involved or automated as I want.”

I was looking for the right feel for my coaching program. Coaching Genie is flexible! It is friendly! It is intuitive! Best of all, everything is in one place. I like the contained environment, Facebook is great but it’s too distracting.

My busy clients can use Coaching Genie anywhere, right from their phones to complete weekly check-ins or homework. The one that really works is Coaching Genie!

Susan Dixon

Writing Coach

“I was looking to meet my high standards within three criteria: budget, functionality, and ease of use for both me and my clients.”

I pride myself on giving my clients a first-class experience. Coaching Genie met all of these criteria and more. I love the automation of the email reminders and the ability to schedule the release of each part of my content. I set the schedule and don’t have to think about it.

Pallavi Ridout

Life Transformation Coach

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