Do Newsletters Still Work in the Age of Social Media, Blogging, Video Marketing, and Podcasting?


I just interviewed Linda Claire Puig, the owner of 6FigureNewsletters.com about how to nurture your mailing list in 2020 and beyond. She’s been a newsletter expert for as long as I’ve been in business, so I was very curious about her take on the evolution of newsletters and email marketing for coaches. Here’s what we discussed:
  • What’s a newsletter and is it worth your time to publish one
  • The role of newsletters in the times of social media, podcasts, blogging, and video marketing
  • How often should you be in touch with your list
  • How to grow your list from scratch
  • Are big lists underrated?
  • and MUCH MORE!
Linda is also running a free 5-day challenge she mentioned in the interview. Here’s the link to join: https://6figurenewsletters.com/love-up-your-list-facebook-challenge



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