5 Decisions Clients Make Before Joining a Coaching Program


There are 5 things people go through in their mind before making the decision to join a group coaching program:

    1. Vibe (emotional response, instant reaction, am I in the right place?)
  1. Leader (is this the right mentor or coach for me, will they get me, do I want to learn from this person?)
  2. Content (what will I learn, what conversations will we have, is it relevant to me, do I want to invest my time learning it?)
  3. Group (who’ll be in the group, will they appreciate and understand my background, expertise, and experience, and will I enjoy the group?)
  4. Experience (structure/format of the meetings will bring value – collaborative, small groups, laser coaching, mastermind, access to the leader?)

Later come the logistical decisions: the cost and the schedule. And of course, the trust: do I trust the leader, the message, the promise of the program?

Let me know if you have any other thoughts or ideas on this topic!

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