Each Decision is an Opportunity


Did you know that successful people make decisions fast and change their mind slowly?

Watching someone make a decision can tell you a lot about that person’s level of success.

I watched a woman making an agonizing decision to purchase one of my products at a live event. She spent a whole day looking at it, touching it, and asking my team questions about it.

Before the end of the day she finally took her credit card and purchased it. The next morning she was the first one to walk into the conference room asking for a refund. I met her at another event a few years later, and unfortunately she was still struggling in her business.

I’ve also seen someone make a lightning-fast decision to speak at my event, even though it required her to fly across the ocean to the United States for the first time ever. She is one of the most successful people in my industry right right now.

Successful people move fast because they see each decision as an opportunity.

What have you observed about your own decision making?

What about your most successful clients?

Do you believe it’s part of someone’s personality or can be trained to change?