9 Keys to Creating Group Coaching Programs That Rock


As a coach, you have probably heard of the many ways to run a successful coaching program. But what makes a coaching program go from good to great?

In this video, I’m going to share the elements of a coaching program that not only gets results, but will ultimately help your clients experience the transformation they need.

You will learn:

  • The 3 must-have components of a successful coaching program
  • How to implement these components based on your personality and topic
  • 9 ways to run a successful coaching program


Elements of a Successful Coaching Program

I usually teach the idea of a coaching program that needs to have three components, or any coaching program needs to have a combination of these three things:

1. Content.

Content is some type of structured process or system that clients work through and it should not be overwhelming because you want people to actually complete your content.

The content part is what you typically market because that’s the most tangible part of your program.

2. Coaching.

So you can offer one-on-one coaching within the program, you can offer group coaching, or a blend of both.

You can also do virtual and a combination of virtual and in person, depending on your area of expertise and your target market.

3. Community.

This is a built-in benefit of group coaching programs because that’s the opportunity for people to interact to connect to support each other.


elements of a successful coaching program


How to Build an Effective Coaching Program by Implementing the 3 Essential Components

So content, coaching, and community are the three must-have components of any coaching program.

And depending on your personality, and on your topic, you will have a different ratio between those three things.

So for example, my programs are a little heavy on the content because I love developing content. I love teaching. I’m a former music teacher, so the teacher in me comes out and I teach.

If you are coming from a background of pure coaching, like you’re a certified and trained coach, chances are you’ll have more coaching than anything else.

And then if you’re somebody who loves facilitating groups, and you love building and building a sense of community, then you will also do those things that create a sense of community for people.


9 Ways to Run a Successful Coaching Program

Content, coaching, and community are those three must-haves in any program in different proportions, depending on your coaching style, and your personality.

But there are also things that you can do that will elevate your program from just being an average coaching program to a great coaching program.

1. A great coaching program solves a big problem for people.

And it’s a problem that they already know they want to solve. They acknowledge the problem, they recognize that they’ve been searching for a solution, and they’re ready to solve it. They’re ready to invest their time and money to have it solved.

That’s where a great coaching program begins.

2. Easy to implement and doable. People believe they can achieve results.

They look at the program, however they signed up for your program, they truly believe that they can do it.

3. Has small wins along the way to avoid overwhelm and stay motivated to keep going.

If there is one big goal and the program is 12 weeks or six months or a year, it’s kind of hard to stay motivated.

So you have wins built in that people can really appreciate about having achieved throughout the program.

4. Easy to market and sell with clear messaging.

So it’s easy for you to fill the program because people understand what value they’ll be receiving, what makes your program unique, different, better.

5. Engages clients during and between group calls to stay connected to the goal and avoid distractions.

Somebody can sign up for your coaching program today and in a week they can be invited to another program.

We have emails inviting us to join things, to buy programs all the time. So to help your clients to stay away from all of those distractions, we need to really help them stay connected to the experience in your program.

ways to run a successful coaching program


6. Clients feel seen, heard, and supported in the group.

That’s something that you create from the very start that people really feel seen and heard.

It’s about everybody getting that stage time or an opportunity to be heard, to share and contribute.

7. Clients feel part of the community.

They have shared experiences, shared backgrounds, shared goals, common goals, they care about each other, and they celebrate each other’s wins.

8. Clients feel safe to share challenges and be vulnerable.

So they’re really feeling emotional connection to the group and to you, the coach.

9. Clients are getting visible, tangible results.

The most important is that clients are getting actual visible, tangible results. Because without results, clients will not feel good about your program.

Clients do need to see experience and really watch themselves progress and grow and experience that transformation.


ways to run a successful coaching program


Wow Your Clients with a Great Coaching Experience

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