How to Lead a Group Coaching Session


Leading group coaching calls is a key part of a coaching program. That’s where transformation happens and clients reach their goals. But how do you ensure that your group coaching calls are effective?

Knowing how to run a group coaching call is key for any coach who wants to deliver a successful group program. In this video, I’ll be sharing my exact process on how to run a group coaching call.

You’ll learn:

  • Three group coaching call models depending on your individual personality
  • What to focus on if you enjoy teaching
  • What to focus on if you prefer to do pure coaching
  • What coaching model to use if your groups are bigger
  • How to structure a group coaching session using my exact workflow
  • How to streamline your group coaching programs

How to Run a Group Coaching Call: Three Activities

The first step in running an effective group coaching call is to determine the type of program model you prefer.

Depending on your individual coaching personality, your calls will be a combination of 3 activities:

  • teaching
  • coaching
  • facilitation

how to run a group coaching call

There is no right or wrong program model combination. If you enjoy teaching, you’ll probably do more teaching. If you enjoy pure coaching where you ask questions to challenge your clients and hold space for your clients to uncover their own insights, then you’ll probably do less teaching.

I focus mainly on teaching and facilitation because my groups are bigger. My programs are about 20% coaching, 60% teaching and 20% facilitation. That’s because of my background and natural love for teaching. It’s part of the attraction for many of my clients as well.

If teaching is your focus – be careful not to firehose your clients with too much information, leave space for questions, self-discovery, and mastermind where your group members can support and connect with each other.

No matter what type of program model you choose, understanding how to run a group coaching call effectively is essential for success.

My group programs always have a curriculum or some type of roadmap I create. So everyone always knows what we’ll be focusing on.

how to run a group coaching call

How to Structure a Group Coaching Session

Let me share with you how to run a group coaching call based on my own experience:

First of all, I use Coaching Genie – an easy-to-use software that allows me to deliver content to my groups, remind my clients about the upcoming group calls, keep track of how my clients are doing, and to stay connected and engaged between the calls.

A key part of knowing how to run a group coaching call is planning ahead. This is the exact workflow that I follow:

  1. I deliver each module a week before the live call
  2. I review weekly check-in forms before each call
  3. I ask for any insights or wins since last week
  4. I address any common or important challenges that came up in weekly check-ins
  5. I offer laser coaching to 1-2 people helping them overcome challenges
  6. I put people into breakout rooms for masterminding, so that everyone gets feedback and ideas
  7. I bring them back from the breakout rooms and ask to share insights and to talk about their experience.
  8. I answer any remaining questions or invite group members to chime in
  9. I get them excited about the next module
  10. If there are still questions left, I invite them to continue the conversation on the discussion forum

As you can see, I combine teaching, coaching, facilitation on my group coaching calls.

It also depends on the group size. The smaller the group, the more coaching will happen; the larger the group – the more teaching and facilitating there will be.


Streamline Your Group Coaching Programs

When running a group coaching program, it’s important to have the right tools and processes in place.

If you’re not using Coaching Genie yet, watch the free demo today to see how it can help you streamline your coaching programs!

It’s very easy to use, you can set up your first group in just a few minutes, and it will become your go-to platform for delivering your coaching content, programs, and courses!

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