Why You Need to Stop Teaching on Live Coaching Calls


Wondering how to deliver your online coaching program in a way that really sticks with your clients and keeps them engaged? Here’s a little secret to start with: you might want to stop teaching during your live coaching calls.

In this video, I’ll be sharing a method that could change the game for you and your clients. It’s a simple shift that could make a huge difference in how your clients respond and benefit from your program.

So, let’s dive in and find out why this change is worth considering in your coaching strategy.


Teaching live during coaching calls might seem intuitive, but it’s often not the most effective way to deliver content.

Here’s why I believe that you should not be teaching on your live coaching calls:

The Problem with Live Teaching

You don’t want to spend time teaching on the live calls because you can never leverage that material that you are teaching.

If you teach every time with every new group, then you’ll have to teach it every time over and over and over again.


The Power of Pre-Recorded Content

If you pre record it and then you send it to your clients prior to the coaching call, several things will happen.

You can reuse, repurpose those recordings many times for different groups in the future.

You can send it to your private clients if that’s a resource that they need. But most importantly, you never have to teach that stuff again.


More Time for Actual Coaching

You record once and now it’s ready. This is a key step in understanding how to deliver your online coaching program effectively.

You also leave more time for coaching. So when people get on the coaching call, you’re not teaching, you are now coaching.

You are addressing their challenges. You’re offering laser coaching. You answer their questions. You mastermind, you do some group coaching component if this is a group program.


No Time for Implementation

Also, a huge reason why you don’t want to teach on the coaching call is because that is when your students or your clients hear that material for the very first time.

They don’t really have time to process it. They don’t have time to start implementing it.

All they have is the moment of listening to you or watching the material and processing.

So they’re not yet ready for coaching. They’ll be ready the next time, but on that first call when you’re teaching, they’re not ready yet.


Clients Get Overwhelmed

And so if you teach your material for the first time on live calls, it’s also very easy for your clients to get overwhelmed.

And as we know, when people get overwhelmed, they get behind, they drop out of the program, or sometimes even ask for a refund.

There are so many different challenges around that feeling of overwhelm.


How to Deliver Your Online Coaching Program for Maximum Engagement

Implementing the Flipped Classroom Model

So I love to do what I call a flipped classroom or reverse classroom.

This concept is very powerful and very well used in the education field where you send your training material to students or clients before the coaching call.

I like to do that at least five days before the call. The clients have time to watch it.

And they begin implementing it, they start generating questions and they might even get stuck at some point.

By the time your coaching call comes as a live call, they’ll already have questions and everything will feel like in context and they will be so much more engaged.

And it’s going to be so much more useful to them at that time because they’ll be ready for the actual coaching.

So stop teaching on live coaching calls. Record your material.

Send it to people in your program before the coaching call and watch your engagement go up.

Everything is just going to be so much easier for your clients or students to process.

So the flipped classroom is an integral approach to understanding how to deliver your online coaching program effectively.

It is a perfect way for you to increase engagement and ultimately results in your coaching programs.


Streamlining Your Coaching Program Delivery

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