Evolution of Coaching as a Business, Interview with Garry Schleifer of Choice Magazine


Milana and Garry discuss the coaching profession 20 years ago vs today, and how to grow your coaching business when there are SO many more coaches in the world.



  1. Dawn

    I’ve been in the Coaching profession since 2001 myself and it’s really evolved, or my business has. I do both Coaching and Consulting with my female entrepreneurs. There is no point in reinventing the wheel on documents! As long as I continue to use “Who, what, when, where and how” questions I’m coaching. When they need something that is already created, they benefit from my learning curve.

  2. Sarah

    Great interview Milana and Garry! Well done Garry on staying true to the definition of what coaching really is. I agree that educating clients is a great way forwards!

    I would add is that when a person gets trained in coaching they then have the ability to decide what they do from a place of knowing the different impact each of these disciplines might have. and deciding which we will then work with. Garry demonstrated this well – he has a programme and will be in his words, doing some coaching, some training, some advice-giving so therefore, it’s not a coaching programme.

    Untrained coaches will inaccurately bunch all of that under the word “coaching” leading to confusion. They also haven’t been through the process of learning one of the most difficult things to learn in coaching – the process of leaving ones content at the door! What these people do is often fabulous but it isn’t coaching (at least not in the pure sense of the meaning).


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