Why You Don’t Need to Sell


When marketing is done right, you don’t need to sell.

It was my second year in business and I was sick and tired of trying to sell my services.

I couldn’t think of a more slimy experience than trying to convince some stranger that I knew what I was talking about.

I decided that I never wanted to sell again.

So I began creating resources for people in my niche – ebooks, articles, newsletters, teleseminars, interviews, and tools. I focused on sharing my ideas and opinions on the latest industry events and discussing trends.

Within a few months, people began hiring me – without me having to persuade anyone!

I was excited and confused.

Looking back, I know this happened because of the three fundamentals I had understood at that time:

  1. Specializing
  2. Creating value
  3. Being on the cutting edge

These three things make people buy almost on the spot.

These three things practically eliminate competition (or alternatives).

People want to work with you and ONLY you.

You can also choose to do a sales conversation or a discovery session – that is up to you. And if it’s been working for you, please don’t stop.

But my point is that when you market the right way, selling becomes SO much easier!


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