Time Management for Mortals (Insights) Part 2


I wanted to share a few more insights on time management.

Because the book “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals” is blowing my mind!

I shared my first few insights with you a few weeks ago, here are a few more!

  1. Many people get a sense of self-worth from mastering speed of completion. Wow!
  2. In the 18th century, we didn’t try to accomplish as much as possible. We just did what needed to be done (e.g. milk the cows, harvest the field, feed the kids, etc.) and then went to bed.
  3. When you focus on getting more done, you don’t get rewarded with having more time. In fact, the more you are trying to achieve, the more plans you create, the more you try to create control over time, the more empty, anxious and frustrating life feels. Instead, we must focus on building the most meaningful life we can.

I’ll leave you with just these three, because they feel quite intense to me. The last one especially needs some processing, right?



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