Less is More


Less is more. 

After going through a period of complete burnout in my business, I’ve become extremely resistant to anything that feels too complicated or time-consuming. 

My brain simply rejects anything that feels like “hard work” or too overwhelming.

Been there, done that, got the panic attacks.

To some, it might look like laziness. 

But to those who’ve been burned out before, it looks like a search for SIMPLICITY.

So here are some questions for you…

  • Is there anything in your business that creates consistent overwhelm?
  • Are there any activities or projects that you find yourself resisting?
  • Is there anything that, if removed from your “plate”, would make you sigh with relief?

Perhaps it’s time to let some of this go, so you can make space for creating new revenue streams, programs, and tools for your coaching clients.

Because less is more.




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