Handling a Price Negotiation on Your Coaching Fees


Years ago, I asked my mentor if he’d be willing to reduce his pricing and take away a couple of coaching sessions a month. He gently refused and explained why.

“The number of sessions doesn’t matter”, he said. “Each client takes up a certain amount of mental space, so even when I am not on a call with you, I am still thinking about you and your business.”

In other words, every client takes your focus and energy by simply being your client. They’re also taking up the space of another client you could be working with.

After that conversation with my mentor, I never looked at setting fees the same way again.

Oh, and I paid his full fees.

So here are some questions for you to ponder about:

  • Do you ever have prospects who try to negotiate your rates?
  • Can you see how it’s not about the time you’ll spend coaching them?
  • How can you handle a request for a discount in the future?



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