What is Your Definition of Entrepreneurship?


Over the years, I have realized that my definition of “entrepreneurship” is different from how most people see it.

To me, the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is to create and innovate.

This means, any franchise-based business doesn’t make the cut for me. I know franchise owners take risks, build their team, and have to ensure the success of their business. But they’re ultimately following a system someone else created.

They can’t set their own work hours and they have a “boss” – someone at the top who tells them how to do things, and they get penalized for not doing it the “right way”.

This means they can’t design the life they want.

And isn’t that the purpose of having your own business?

As coaches and online entrepreneurs, we get to do that. We get to create, innovate, experiment, yes sometimes fail, but mostly do what we want and how we want it.

That’s what I value about my own business.



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