Capturing your expertise as “knowledge base”


I’ve always loved creating products and programs, but lately I started seeing this activity a bit differently.

It’s not about creating a new product. It’s about capturing your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in a format that can be leveraged and transferred without spending your personal time.

As your expertise grows and matures, you’ll have SO much knowledge on your topic. After 22 years of building multiple successful businesses in the coaching space, I’ve been capturing my own business-building knowledgebase, so my clients can easily access my “biggest lessons learned”.

Capturing a nugget of your wisdom 10 minutes a day can help you create a new profit center, leverage your time, have an asset in your business, and add value to your coaching programs.

By the way, this is why I needed something like Coaching Genie, a place to capture and share my expertise in a “nugget” format (aka “modules” or “lessons”).



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