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Being Scared Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Sign

I always talk about staying in your comfort zone being a good thing, because to me it just means it’s well-aligned with your natural skills and abilities, and most likely you’ll get great results. But being scared isn’t necessarily a sign that you shouldn’t do it. As...

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18 Reasons to Host Your Own Virtual Summit

As a business owner, one of the most challenging things is growing your mailing list of ideal clients who are excited to sign up for your offers. The sad truth is, building your list could take years especially if you’re implementing traditional methods. Now if you’re...

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11 Ways to Relaunch Your Coaching Program

So you have successfully launched and delivered your coaching program and your clients have nothing but praise for how it has transformed their business and their life. And now, you’re ready to welcome a new group of clients but have some doubts and hesitations around...

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